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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Roman Ivy

Rome, Italy, was once in the 50's and 60's together with Paris and London THE hotspot for the movers and shakers in this world. The advantage of Rome above the other cities was her sunny and warm climate almost all year round so people had a very busy day and night life. And Marisa Mell, being an admirer of the sun, enjoyed each and every minute of it while she lived in that town for more than 20 years. 

And just like her American counterpart the restaurant "The Ivy" in Los Angeles where nowadays you can see actors, agents, and all kinds of movie people eat during their luchtime, Rome had also her "ivy" to cater to people working in the movie business, most of all at Cinecitta! And what better way to be seen with your rich lover, in this case Pier Luigi Torri, than dining on a terrace in front of the restaurant.

If you would like to know more about the passionate love story between Marisa Mell and her playboy then you need to read the Marisa Mell book by André Schneider called "Die Feuerblume", available at Amazon in the US, UK and Germany.

Marisa Mell: Die Feuerblume

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Virna Lisi: death of a golden haired beauty!

Almost at the end of the year 2014, on December 18th, the Italian, world  and genre cinema has to say goodbye to one of its most prominent members the talented and beautiful actress Virna Lisi, born as Virna Lisa Pieralisi, on November 8th 1936, hence 78 years old, which in my humble opinion is much to young to die. She was often regarded as the Italian Marilyn Monroe. She started her career in 1953 and worked untill her untimely death in cinema and television, winning several national and international movie awards like at the Cannes Film Festival. Virna Lisi worked with all the great directors and actors/actresses of her time during more than 114 movie and television credits.

Fans of Marisa Mell will always remember Virna Lisi in the movie "Casanova 70" with Marcello Mastroianni and "Le Dolce Signore" with Ursulla Andress and Claudine Auger.  

It was only last month that the golden haired actress heared from her doctors that she had an uncurable disease and would not have long to live. Virna Lisi died peacefully today surrounded by her family and friends in Rome, Italy.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rien ne va plus!

On october 20th 1984, the Casino in Graz (Austria) opened for the first time its doors so who better to invite to do this honor than Graz's most famous daughter actress Marisa Mell to start the roulette with a golden ball and the traditional words: "Rien ne va plus".
Thanks to Jochen Kulmer and André Schneider.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Glasses on Kant

During the production of the Mario Bava directed movie "Danger: Diabolik!" in 1967, Marisa Mell had some free time between takes which she used well given the amount of behind the scene pictures of her as Lady Eva Kant and co-star John Phillip Law as Diabolik. Set photographer was then already very famous photographer Emilio Lari who in later years would become even more famous as set photographer on movies like The Godfather trilogy or Raging Bull or Once Upon a Time in America. In this set of pictures Marisa Mell shows the latest fashion in sun glasses in her outfit from a scene of the movie where she is in disguise as a prostitute! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marisa Mell to star in new film – almost 23 years after her death!

“His Mother’s House” - « La Maison de sa Mère », the new film project by German writer-director André Schneider (who also authored “Die Feuerblume”), will be both, a homage and a vehicle for Marisa Mell. The late actress, who died in 1992, will “play” a key role in this drama about a man’s search for his roots.

“His Mother’s House” follows the journey of Anam Wagner, a man in his thirties. Professionally successful and single, he leads a rather carefree life. He and his younger brother have a very close relationship, and once in a while he visits his embittered father. One day, he receives a phone call informing him that his mother had died. Even though he had hardly seen her in years and thought he had no connection with her whatsoever, Anam feels oddly shaken and drives up to the sea where his mother had owned a beach house. And while he still thinks that he didn’t know his mother at all, he finds traces of her – and his own childhood – everywhere in that old house…

Needless to say who the estranged mother is! “His Mother’s House” is all about a woman who had left her husband and her two sons to pursue a B-movie career and paid a huge prize for her success. Marisa Mell’s photos by Angelo Frontoni will be seen throughout the film as well as scenes from “Senza via d’Uscità”, “Nel Buio del Terrore”, “Pena de Muerte”, “La Encadenada”, and “Una Sull’Altra”. Original scores by Carlo Savina and Riz Ortolani will also be part of this movie.

Pre-production has already begun. As soon as the funding has been successful, cameras will start rolling – hopefully in early 2015, around Marisa Mell’s birthday.

You can be part of this production, since Vivàsvan Pictures is still looking for sponsors and donors. About 8.000 euros are still needed to proceed with the production.

For more information about this great project you can get in contact with André Schneider at Vivàsvan directly:


or make a donation directly to:

Vivasvan Filmproduktion GmbH
IBAN DE26 100 700 240 3694197 00
with reference “HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE”.

Every donor / sponsor will not only receive a film credit (if wanted) but full access to all stages of the production; you can visit the set, be in the editing room. You will be invited to the movie's premiere and will receive a DVD, music CD, set photos, and a movie poster.