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Friday, April 29, 2016

Herz, Schmerz und dies und das!

Marisa Mell, as a model and actress, was a very popular subject for German pulp novels, putting her on their covers during the 60's! She graced during those early years of her career a lot of those covers, which had absolutely no reference to the content which were mostly romance novels. Here are some examples of her best covers! Enjoy! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Marta" or "Mata Al Macho Y Lo Devora" Photo novella

Marisa Mell was during the height of her movie career a major star, not only in Europe but also in almost the entire Spanish speaking countries of the world, especially in South-America. Before the rise of video, dvd and streaming in the 60's and 70's people living in those countries, who wanted to keep a part of a movie they particularly liked could only keep this momentum by buying magazines, soundtracks, novelizations or if it was available by buying photo novella's. These photo novella's were extremely popular, having print runs which are nowadays almost impossible to achieve anymore. They were often romantic stories, specially made for the magazines with its own cult following of their stars. Those stars often made the transgression into movies like Erica Blanc, Ivan Rassimov, Ornella Muti, Rosalba Neri... So it was only natural that movies with the big names from that time also ended up in print. Especially horror, western and erotic movies were very popular. One of the Marisa Mell's movies "Marta" or in Spanish known as "Mata Al Macho Y Lo Devora" from 1971 made into these magazines. Today this edition of the magazine is very hard to find in a good condition, thus very collectible.
Thanks to Stephen Boyd-fan Monica from Denver, Colorado, USA I am able to present to you in this entry some very beautiful pages and lobby cards from this cult classic Marisa Mell and Stephen Boyd movie which I had never seen before! 
Monica has also a wonderful Stephen Boyd Blog

with a lot of interesting photo's and information about the life and work of this amazing actor. I highly recommend this blog. There is also an entry with information about Stephen Boyd and Marisa Mell as a couple during 1970-1971, when they made two back to back movies together.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Art or not art, that is the question!"

During the 80's, Marisa Mell really started to hit rock bottom trying to earn money from her movie career. She was so desperate to tap into new income sources that she started to sing, with no success, and then tried her hands at fine art by making drawings! I knew of a self portrait she had made for an exhibition. I had never seen any other art work by her hands, so I was very pleased to receive recently a notice from a good friend in Brasil of an auction of her work on the internet. After checking out the auction site and the art work at hand, it had all the elements making this piece a Marisa Mell drawing. But the question remained: was this a genuine Marisa Mell or not?  

The drawing had her characteristic signature at the bottom which she used since the beginning of her career when she adopted her movie name "Marisa Mell" starting with a well formed "M" and ending with her typical writing of the double "L", even the numbers "8" and "5" are written in her own well known style, a signature that I have seen on dozens of autographed pictures by her hand. And this one was the real deal! 

Then there was the dedication "Für Nikos An Weihnachten 1985 Marisa". I knew that Marisa Mell had once a relationship with a much younger man called Nikos around that time, so that part of the drawing was also correct. And I had seen the drawing of a little heart in the vicinity of her name on countless other autograph cards, so that was also correct.

And finally what was the most convincing element of the drawing was the style of the art itself. It was completely in accordance with the style of her self portrait that I had seen before. So in the end counting all those elements I came to the conclusion that this drawing was the real deal. A piece of art made by Marisa Mell.

And do I like it? Yes and no! Yes, because I like the quirkiness of  the style which is very raw and elemental, even aggressive. No, because I feel no connection to it on an emotional level. Nevertheless I am glad that this piece of art still exists today and is still worthy to be sold in an auction by an auction house. I think that Marisa Mell would have smiled when she knew about this.
Thanks to Daniel from Brasil for his help in finding this little gem!

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Boyd Affair!

When you do research about the life, and especially the many loves of Marisa Mell, and she had a lot of them, there is always one name, and one name only, that comes to the forefront: Stephen Boyd, most famous for his American peplum movie Ben-Hur with Charleton Heston. Although Marisa Mell had another man in her past whom she loved very much, Pier Luigi Torri, but in my humble opinion, her love for him, was on one side very rational and practical, and he was after all a suave Italian business man with a lot of money at his disposal, and on the other side he was like a surrogate father and protector, she never had in her hard youth in Austria. With Stephen Boyd, it was a complete other story! 

From the first moment she lay eyes on him, Marisa Mell was touched very deeply in her soul and heart. A lot of people say that she fell in love with him because he was still a famous movie star at that moment in time and was a very beautiful manly guy but for Marisa Mell it was a lot more than that. She felt for the first time, and probably the only time in her life, what it was to be truly in love with someone. And I think it is was also the case for him, hence his hesitance at the beginning to start a relationship with her, afraid of losing himself in a romance with this absolutely beautiful woman.

But in the end he gave in and both became a very romantic couple making Marisa Mell, a very happy woman. Photo's of that romance show a very relaxed couple, enjoying their time together, being deeply in love with each other. Unfortunately, the romance was not to be permanent, and both drifted off into different directions of their lives. Sadly Stephen Boyd died very young on June 2nd 1977, due to a heart attack at the age of 45. Had this not happened, maybe, they would have found together in a later phase of their lives. One thing is for sure that Marisa Mell never forgot Stephen Boyd often referring to him when she was in a sentimental mood when getting older...and lonelier. 

Thanks to major Stephen Boyd fan Monica Diedrich for providing these wonderful pictures of the couple!